Brothers M. Poultry

Brothers M. Poultry serving non-GMO Pastured Poultry.  

Brothers M. sells whole, non-GMO chickens raised by the Maples siblings.  Originally founded by Joseph and Matthew to fund their 2017 National Scout Jamboree trip, the legacy has continued through the years to include Samantha and now Olivia.  As the kids’ lives change so does who’s available to work with the chickens, but behind it all Dad is always there to ensure we bring you the same quality chicken you’ve come to expect.

So…  If you’re interested in natural food grown locally under humane conditions, are interested in supporting youthful activity, or simply want to support local agriculture, read on.

Taking “pastured poultry” to the next level with Non-GMO feed

We take pride in growing an excellent chicken.  This starts with growing a breed of chicken with a well balanced body that develop into an excellent meat bird.  No antibiotics, vaccinations or growth stimulants are ever given to our chickens.  And most of their life is lived like a chicken should, on verdant pasture, doing what chickens do.

How it’s done

The birds are raised  following a pastured poultry method used by many organic operations and featured on Purdue Agriculture’s Small Farms site.  This method involves day old hatchlings spending their first few weeks in a brooder until they it’s safe for them to live outside.  Next they are housed in a portable home, called a Tractor, that is moved daily across green pasture.  The Tractor is open air providing plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and shade.

Daily moving, or ‘Tractoring’, allows the chickens to forage for their food, up to 15%, eating fresh pasture grass and bugs.  Non-GMO feed mixed with organic minerals and supplements provides the balance of their diet.

At maturity, care continues as the birds are humanely processed by hand and packaged at a local Amish family who run an Indiana state inspected facility.  These birds and those who will enjoy them deserve the best.

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*Note that while a component of our farming operation is Organic, our finished products are not USDA certified Organic.

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