Great Taste

What makes our chicken taste so good?

The way we raise and care for our chickens is what makes them taste so good.  Each step is centered around creating the best tasting chicken possible.  We start with a hearty chicken breed that is well balanced and performs well in a pastured environment. Then we get our chickens out to pasture as quickly as is safe for them.

Pasturing is a big contributor to our chicken’s taste.  This allows the chickens to grow naturally, eating food that is a normal part of a chicken diet, pasture grasses and insects.  The open bottom chicken tractors simulate free rage living by providing fresh clean pasture each day.  The open air design provides plenty of fresh air and just the right mix of sun and shade.   Life is good.

NON-GMO feed provides the remainder of the chickens diet, approximately 85%, complete with organic supplements for proper nutrition.

Processing is another big contributor to the taste.  Our chickens are processed by hand at an Amish Farm; no ammonia bath is used.  The farm is licensed by the Indiana Board of Health and an inspector is on site for additional piece of mind.

While Brothers M. provides a way for the kids to pay for their activities, we take pride in the quality of our chicken.  We eat our own chicken and can  tell a difference in the taste.  We believe once you’ve tried them,  you will too.

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*Note that while a component of our farming operation is Organic, our finished products are not USDA certified Organic.

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