Chicken CSA

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) is supporting local agriculture.  The spirit of CSA is not about the discount.  CSA is about supporting local agriculture because you realize the value of locally grown food, believe in supporting community businesses, or you want to support someone growing high quality food.  While the reasons are your own, it really boils down to you supporting a cause.  A cause we think is a good one, or else we we wouldn’t be doing this.

How does participation support us?

We value our CSA relationships.  Your commitment helps shoulder our burden and tells us that what we do matters.  It’s hard to explain how much that means to us, but we’ve tried to express it by returning the best value we can to you.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Our gratitude
  • Our best discounted pricing
  • Additional options:
    • Fresh/unfrozen pickup (homestead pickup only).   Gives you the ability to cook your chicken immediately or cut and repackage them to meet your families needs.
    • Pre-cut chicken. You can elect to have chickens cutup for a small fee.

How does it work? 

Those who elect to join our CSA pay a deposit for a set weight of whole chickens. Then choose a date below to pick up your order at the farmers market or our homestead.   The deposit is due when you order your CSA and the remainder upon your pickup date.  The CSA you choose is based on a specified weight of meat, so we’ll give you as many whole chickens as it takes to meet or exceed that weight.

The chickens come whole, or you can elect to have them cutup for a small fee.  When you place your order, simply let us know how many of your chickens you would like to have cutup.

  • Note:  A cutup chicken will be cut into the following pieces and placed into one bag: 2 breast, 2 leg quarters, 2 wings, 1 frame. You can then separate your pieces to fit your needs before freezing.
  • Cost per cutup chicken is $1.50/each.

Pricing and Pickup Details

We have a limited number of spots for our CSA and once they fill up they are gone until the following year.

Choose from the available dates for pickup and Location is either the Seymour or North Vernon farmers Market.

  • June 2
  • June 9

* Unfrozen chickens available only for pickup at our homestead by appointment on:

  • June 1
  • June 8

Choose the below support package that meets your families needs

Support Level Small Family Medium Family Large Family
Estimated # of birds 5-6 10-12 15-18 22-26
Pounds 20 50 75 110
Regular Price/lb 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00
Discount 6% 8% 10% 12%
CSA Price/lb 3.76 3.68 3.60 3.52
Your Savings  $      4.80  $      16.00  $    30.00  $    52.80
CSA Total  $    75.00  $    184.00  $  270.00  $  387.00
Deposit (due now)  $    35.00  $      80.00  $  120.00  $  140.00
Balance Due  $    40.00  $    104.00  $  150.00  $  247.00
  • Pounds = minimum weight of meet you will receive
  • Estimated # of birds = estimated chickens based on an average chicken weight of 4-5lbs
  • Deposit (due now) = amount due at order time for the package you choose
  • Balance Due – amount due on the date of your first CSA pickup

How do I order?

If interested, please contact us by email at or use the contact form below.  Check out the How To Order page for details on what to include.

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