Chicken Tractor Plans – Part 2

Just to add a little narrative on how I build the chicken tractors.

  1. Start with the 10×12′ frame.  The 10′ end pieces should raised slightly to help pull the tractor over clumps of grass.
  1. Add diagonal corner braces.  Not sure that size matters.
  1. Hoop 2 sections of cattle panels.  They will overlap slightly.
  1. Assemble the door.
  1. Cut the door frame and attach to base and hoop
  2. Put in rear vertical and diagonal supports.  Add something on the end bottom for additional shelter.  This will go to the most windward side, west for me.  Top is just covered by the tarp and can be raised for additional air flow.
  3. Cover the hoop with chicken wire, 3 passes of 4′.  Overlap slightly.
  1. Cover the ends & door with chicken wire.
  1. Surround the perimeter with 2′ hardware cloth (optional).  I do this to prevent predators from reaching in through the chicken wire and grabbing birds sleeping near the edge.
  1. Add 2×4 fencing to ends.  This is added to ensure K-9 type/size predators cannot force through chicken wire.
  2. Attach door and latches
  1. Cover 2/3 with tarp, wrap extra around back.



Copyright © 2018 by Jason Maples


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