Brothers M. MiM ’23 – Fun, not so much?

Brothers M. Mondays is our tradition of sharing our excitement about our chickens every Monday in May.

I had a different post in mind for today, but it’s raining and the chickens need fed so I thought it’d be a good day to share some of the not so fun things of raising chickens.


  • It doesn’t matter what the weather is like.  Most of the times we’re able to plan around the weather, but some days you just have to cover the food with plastic bags and go.
  • You have to plan around the chickens.  Family trips away from the house have to be arranged around and/or cut short to care for the chickens.
  • Chickens don’t care if you’re sick.  Even though there are several family members, when one gets sick, usually others do to0.  With the older kids working and away, that just makes it more frequent that chicken care is done while not feeling well.
  • Stuff breaks.  Tarps blow off, things get loose, tires go flat, wire rusts, and wood rots.  More on those last 2 to come.
  • There’s lots of cleaning, pickup, and storage.  Almost everything needs cleaned before the season starts, during the season, and when it’s over as well.  It all takes up a lot of space, brooders, barrels, water tanks, feeders/waterers, and coolers.  And, when the season’s over, the chicken tractors still need moved, even if we raise them on blocks, or they will get “rooted” to the ground with vegetation.
  • Chickens aren’t that bright.  They’re frequently underfoot, don’t move when you want them to, or they do move and you have to catch them.

So, do we still enjoy raising chickens?  The basic answer is yes; however, enjoy may not be the correct word.   I think I’d use the word appreciate.

I’ve heard the kids call it work, but I know they’ve all appreciated the opportunity raising chickens afforded them.  Things like earning their way to the National Jamboree, or that one “must see” concert.

I appreciate it because I think it’s good for my soul.  I don’t know how to describe it; maybe it’s that it gives me focus.  Spring is usually the busiest time of my year.  I have so many plans and things I want to do, even though I cannot do it all.  I think it’s maybe that the chickens give me a focus during all the chaos.

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